Today we spoke a lady from Zagreb, Croatia, where they had an earthquake last week whilst in lock down!

“I was awakened by books falling off my bookshelf. I was confused. It definitely took me a minute or two to gather my thoughts. My girlfriend was already yelling, pulling me out of our flat, out of the building. We ran downstairs, and into the car.

Has it ever happened to you? An earthquake? What about an earthquake in the midst of a pandemic? Are we still supposed to go back inside?

As if the virus itself wasn’t enough.

They say there were terraces falling off of buildings, old facades crumbling onto the cars parked on the street… The tip of the cathedral fell. A young girl died. Women waited were their new-borns outside of the hospital.

The whole city scared to stay out; scared to go in.

So we sat in our car, listening to Beatles’ Yesterday. Quite appropriate. Who knows what will happen next.”