About CovidWatch-19

CovidWatch is a global research project conducted across multiple markets led by the Ipsos Ethnography team. Through digital ethnography conducted across the world, we will be monitoring how behaviours, values and attitudes are changing. We believe this is the time to pay attention to how people are adapting and responding to this crisis,

Our global, longitudinal study is the first of its kind to follow individual households and people as they go through the biggest social change that we are about to see in a generation. In each market we will be spending time with people in their homes, getting to know them and the impact of the virus on their daily lives, how they relate and respond to brands, and their buying behaviours in real-time.

Our offer


Sentiment reports

A global weekly report that addresses the sentiment or mood in each market and how the pandemic is impacting behaviours and attitudes.
The report will allow your business to keep up to date and keep track of changes
to consumer behaviour and values as the virus progresses.


Category reports

A global fortnightly report focused on specific categories such as finance, healthcare and food and beverage.
The category report will
provide in-depth insight into
a particular area of interest
for your business.


Monthly culture reports

Culture reports will be released every month and will tie what we’re learning about life under Covid-19
to the cultural context of each market. We’ll ask whether values and themes such as trust, sustainability, collectivism are changing – and how.


Filmed ethnography

All our research and insights
are informed by self-filmed footage from our participants alongside
45-minute interviews every week with our team of ethnographers.
In every report at least one film per market will be available so that you are able to see and hear how people are reacting to the crisis in real-time.

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