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In this unprecedented time, the Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence is taking a closer look at how COVID-19 is affecting consumers in real-time. Consumer attitudes, behaviours and values are changing in ways faster than we can describe or guess, now is the time to pay attention.

About CovidWatch

Through digital ethnography conducted across the world, we will be monitoring how behaviours, values and attitudes are changing. Our global, longitudinal study is the first of its kind to follow individual households and people as they go through the biggest social change that we are about to see in a generation.

In each market we will be spending time with people in their homes, getting to know them and the impact of the virus on their daily lives, how they relate and respond to brands, and their buying behaviours in real-time.

On this platform we will take a deep-dive into the behaviours and values we’ve outlined in our reports. 



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To keep your business up to date with what’s happening around the world we publish a global weekly ‘sentiment’ report, fortnightly category reports, and a monthly culture report. While the global ‘sentiment’ report tracks week-by-week the ways in which our participants are responding to the crisis, the fortnightly category reports will provide insight into how consumer behaviour around finance, healthcare, and food and drink is changing. Our monthly report on culture will link what we’re learning about life under COVID-19 to the cultural context of each market. 

Films, and filmed ethnography, will make up a large part of each report, with at least two films per market available – giving you an immersive insight into the worlds of our participants.

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